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Un Monde Autre

I went out, and declare Dusseldörf: War Zone.
I walked through the city with the night vision camera because
 I wanted to know how a large western city look like in this green light.
Thomas RUFF - Contacts -1997
From daguerreotype to the latest digital camera, history of photography has nothing to do with chance. Driven by the social issues of the emerging bourgeoisie, it has gradually become accessible to all, an omnipresent and omniscient mirror of our society.

Based on this observation, I wonder what would be the nature of pictures, if our societies had evolved differently. What would look like a world where  photography as we know it would not be possible? How to exercise the memory in such a society? For the photograph does not really preserves traces of the past, it creates a memory that contains its own subjectivity and influences our view of things.

To explore such an idea, I wanted to take a fresh look at the first function of photography: portrait and self-representation. So, I created my own photographic films, replacing plastic material with paper. This formal filter allows me to immerse viewers in an uchronic world, very close but also very different from ours, and then invite them to imagine another world.

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