H.P. Lovecraft - I will whisper in the dark

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That place was very old, and the ceiling-high shelves full of rotting volumes reached back endlessly through windowless inner rooms and alcoves. There were, besides, great formless heaps of books on the floor and in crude bins; and it was in one of these heaps that I found the thing. I never learned its title, for the early pages were missing.
Howard Philips Lovecraft - The Book - 1934

Howard Phillips Lovecraft is one of the fathers of modern fantasy literature, born in 1890 in Providence, and died in poverty in 1938, he has never knew success in his lifetime. His work, which is the first to link scientific materialism and supernatural, is characterized by the idea that behind the apparent banality of our existence lies an unhealthy and blasphemous truth. But this reality can not be revealed to the world and Lovecraft himself share it with us only in fragments.
There is resistance in this impossibility of the author to testify about the cosmics horrors that seem to watch humanity from beyond. To translate this resistance I needed to explore the limits of the photographic medium. 
So I used the cliché-verre, a technique of etching the photographic material to create a mixed negative, mixing the realistic aspect of photography, with the graphic effects of drawing.
 Because the picture alone could not reproduce this particular blend of horror and onirism that characterizes the work of the master of Providence.

This work has been exposed in Paris, at the Galerie 154, in november 2012.

Download the PDF file of this exhibition.

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