An impossible photography

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For almost two centuries, photography has become a mirror of our societies, it determine for us what happened by creating a very intimate relationship with our memory. Decade after decade, through different techniques and constraints it influences our perception of times. Each generation acquires a tone, a frame, a range of shades of its own.
Thus, the photograph don't really preserve the traces of past, but created a memories, individual or collective, which carries their own subjectivity.
But what would look like a world where the photography no longer exist or almost? A world where, because of an industrial breakdown or a totalitarian state, we would not be able to use the regular means of making pictures.
And above all, how could we remember things, people or events in such a society?

To explore this issue, I decided to produce myself my own rolls of photographic films, replacing the plastic film with simple transparent paper. These ghostly images evoke a world both real and imaginary, but first of all they are a reflection on the nature of the photographic medium, which could be summarized by this simple question: why making pictures?

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